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Natural Ingredients
This random chat product is a delicious blend of the finest quality chat and nothing else. 
Our camroulette video chat service uses 100% organic ingredients i.e. you!! 
In 2010 we first created camroulettechat for you with the simple aim to make sure that nothing got in the way
 of providing the best UK based webcam chat experience at the very best value for you - 100% free with no credit card signup. By doing so, we've been able to put something special into the UK chat roulette and cam roulette communities and we still hold true to those values and beliefs today. 

Quality Chat Programme
We're committed to continually improving the webchat experience such as randomness, quality of software and ease of use. 

Chat from around the UK blended and packaged here in the the UK for you
Whilst our focus is on UK chat, we welcome other visitors from around the world to our english based chat experience.  
Tips for getting the conversation started:- 

Until you've got your technique sorted you may find you're getting Nexted all the time. Now with some people, you'll be glad of it but overall you're here to actually spend some time chatting so what can you do................................. Here are few techniques to try:-
  • If you make eye contact or show interest people may NEXT you, so try being offhand and nonchalant
  • Make use of props. Try a guitar or an interesting sign or a cuddly toy - you get it - you gotta have an angle.
  • Pretend there's something happening, you could ask people to wait while you take a screenshot for your blog. Think of things that make it look like you are there for a purpose e.g. to research or study.
  • Think about body-language. Somebody stretches, you stretch Ever noticed? So mirror your partners body-language but don't freak them out.
  • A  good one for USB-cable style webcams is to move it so it's filming you from the side, in profile. 

Of course, once a chatroulette partner actually starts talking to you, what are you gonna say? How are you going to maintain a conversation for any length of time? Well at the moment, that's all down to you but we may get back to you with some tips for that at a future date :-)

Have fun!!